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    Alt Under Ctrl [oːl ˈandə kənˈtrəul], est. 2014, is a non-profit gaming community where users can play relaxing game modes competitively and find same-minded people. Our goal is to host challenging new servers, have fun, and for our administrators not to unnecessarily interfere, except as players. Breaking rules, which exist to protect users from having a bad time, prompts administrators to interfere.

    We introduced ourselves. Will you?

About Alt Under Ctrl

Wow, a whole page about the Alt Under Ctrl community! The way Alt Under Ctrl came to be, and its purpose is described here.


The Alt Under Ctrl community stems from April 22nd 2014, when a TeamSpeak server was launched with the idea of creating a friendly environment for people to feel comfortable in and to come back to. The idea was expanded to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive servers, which were first launched almost a month later. A goal was set around the same time for the community to be self-regulating and maintained by itself through complete automatic means, for example auto-admins programmed by our server managers, like a ship on autopilot.

The idea of a completely autonomous community was later instead applied through what we believed to be more balanced means, as complete automation was found to prove difficulties in forming a community. By mixing real, knowledgable human administrators with auto-admins to reduce policing tasks, administrators became members participating in the community as any other player but with equal rights and extended knowledge of our goals and rules, for the community and its players. This was preferred in favor of a community with members potentially frowning upon the administrators for constant policing and harsh punishments. We simply disliked being told off and policed day-in and day-out by our associates, and we were sure other players did as well!

The idea of what Alt Under Ctrl is and should stand for has expanded since, and is not set in stone. We did however and still strive to follow our once-set goals.

Bunny Hop

The timer in use by Alt Under Ctrl on the Bunny Hop, Mini Games, Surf,
Rocket Jump servers. The illustration is depicted through a monitor.
Launched in December 2014, Alt Under Ctrl's take of Bunny Hop originates from a game server an Alt Under Ctrl member had been delegated to set-up and maintain, whom later left the community in early 2015 due to personal reasons. The delegated task of maintaining the server was as result revoked, and was from there on hosted by Alt Under Ctrl's infrastructure and developed by its assigned server manager, currently Wrox.

The Bunny Hop server was revamped in the summer of 2015. The Bunny Hop server has since run and expanded to several physical locations across Europe and the United States to reach a global audience, to help reach Alt Under Ctrl's common goal of growing our player base, and establishing a community around our servers.

The game mode is still being worked on with an increasing amount of quality maps, records actively guarded from and close to free from cheaters, and with new requested feature additions many times being added, as months pass.

Hunger Games

Launched in early May, 2014 and made public the last days of the same month, our Hunger Games server based on the movies with the same name, re-defined the very beginnings of the game mode. Hunger Games, which previously only had existed as a spinoff loosely based on the movies, existed for a short period a few months prior. It was set-up by another entrepreneur in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server scene in an attempt to revive a Counter-Strike: Source game mode, Battle Royale. It was shut down shortly after its launch.

Alt Under Ctrl's Hunger Games server was for a longer period the only Hunger Games server available, whereas there are more than 30 game servers available today, to a large degree based on our community's server. Many of Hunger Games servers and plug-ins available today are based on and host the maps of the long-available Alt Under Ctrl Hunger Games server launched in 2014; setting standards, and effectively laying ground for Valve's later official recognition of the game mode.

Alt Under Ctrl has been directly involved in the creation and hosting of maps defined below during 2014 and 2015, most of which today have been classed as classic:
Many thanks go to the members involved in creating those maps, with a special mention to our member Snab for taking the lead in the design of most of the maps mentioned and promoting the game mode as a whole. Other communities and our community alike have gained great fun from your contributions, which we take pride in stems from Alt Under Ctrl!


Launched in April, 2016, our take of the Surf game mode, to a large degree using experience and solutions originally made for our other hosted game mode Bunny Hop was made public. The Surf game mode was chosen out of long-time demand from our own community members, to attract a larger audience with an equal liking for game servers which are designed for competition through gaining the best time possible for a map and style.


We have obtained great members, but still seek to grow and reach out to even more gamers to present our community to. Please feel welcome to have yourself or your friends become part of a community with friendly and fun intent, which considers and listens to feedback. We think you could be a great addition to our community. Anyone is welcome, and we urge to invite associates to make our community a more diverse, fun and established place to be.


Alt Under Ctrl seeks to reach out and unite a worldwide audience of English-speaking gamers, and as result establish a relaxed and friendly community. To accomplish this goal, a set of servers in Europe and the United States have been set-up to host regularly maintained, enjoyable game servers with great performance, uptime and content. An ambition is to lay ground for the goal through hosting an enjoyable and stable environment to play in, which should also attract same-minded people.

We are aware that nothing is perfect - why we invite you to contribute and be part of our common journey to continue to build a community with as well-maintained and perfected game servers as possible. Anyone is eligble to join the Alt Under Ctrl community project. Be part of a unique project with unique members by dwelving into it!

Questions, or something missing?

Please post on the forums, or inquiry the Team Members. The fastest would be the forums, to allow to get back to you as soon as possible.
Apr 3, 2016
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