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    Alt Under Ctrl [oːl ˈandə kənˈtrəul], est. 2014, is a non-profit gaming community where users can play relaxing game modes competitively and find same-minded people. Our goal is to host challenging new servers, have fun, and for our administrators not to unnecessarily interfere, except as players. Breaking rules, which exist to protect users from having a bad time, prompts administrators to interfere.

    We introduced ourselves. Will you?

Frequently Asked Questions

It is alright to ask questions! We have attempted to gather and answer the most frequently asked ones here. In other words, frequently asked questions concerning the Alt Under Ctrl community is described in this page.


What do your in-game moderators/admins do?

Our admins are present in an attempt to improve the gameplay experience for most of our players. The idea of the Alt Under Ctrl community is for its administrators to not to unnecessarily interfere with the players, and remain available as a player who contributes to making the community a friendlier place, not always through force.

How do I become admin?

We are currently not accepting applications to become an administrator, as there currently is not demand for this role in the community. Most of current crew members are assigned tasks and play regularly on our servers, and are also administrators. Crew members are otherwise selected based on various factors, including trust and experience.


How can the Alt Under Ctrl community afford its servers?

The Alt Under Ctrl community has years of experience of receiving smaller donations, which with time have been for example invested through by purchasing physical servers, lowering monthly costs. The community has for a majority of its time online relied on ad sources and donations, which without exception go back to the community in one way or another.

This is where you can help us out. Received donations are used for the current and future upkeep of services available to the players, including database servers, game servers, website and file servers and everything inbetween, such as fees for the forum software which you are reading this page through, and our site domain, "altunderctrl.com". Every cent you donate counts, as you become a part funder of the community! You also receive some cool benefits in return as a gift, as our token of appreciation for your contribution.


I am experiencing an issue, where can I get help?

If you have an issue in-game or on the forums there are usually many helpful members to give you a hand, but if you need some extra help, please post on the forums, or inquiry the Team Members. The fastest would be the forums, to allow to get back to you as soon as possible.


Where can I get more info and make suggestions?

You can navigate to the forums and find the relevant thread for map suggestions, or you can create a new thread in the servers section asking your question. We will try not to bite ;-)

Jun 23, 2016
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