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    Alt Under Ctrl [oːl ˈandə kənˈtrəul], est. 2014, is a non-profit gaming community where users can play relaxing game modes competitively and find same-minded people. Our goal is to host challenging new servers, have fun, and for our administrators not to unnecessarily interfere, except as players. Breaking rules, which exist to protect users from having a bad time, prompts administrators to interfere.

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The Rule Book

Discussion in 'Servers' started by Wrox, Jun 3, 2014.

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  1. Wrox

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    Jun 3, 2014
    Server rules
    Disallowed behaviour and acts

    1. General
    1. Harassing or abusing players, including sexism.
    2. Baiting, meaning behaviour meant to shock, disturb or upset players - promoting rule-breaking or trying to trick players into going on a rant.
    3. Accusing players of cheating.
    4. Impersonating and/or imitating players.
    5. Blank/Abusive or derogatory names that cause offense.
    6. Racist, prejudicial, political or religious comments that are hostile.
    7. Voice/Chat spamming.
    8. Advertising services and websites (via voice or text), except for services used by Alt Under Ctrl, such as ones described in the footer of this site (altunderctrl.com).
    9. Stats rigging. This will result in the removal of your stats.
    10. Coming back to play on another account when the main account has been banned.
    11. Spamming admin chat or the report system. The admins will receive your message, no need to spam it.
    12. Discussing private admin messages in open chat. Messages privately sent are to be kept confidential.
    13. Telling alive associates information about where other alive players are when dead for example over Mumble, TeamSpeak, Skype or Steam, bringing an unfair advantage.
    14. Speaking other languages than English.

    2. Cheats/Hacking/Hax

    No hacking of any nature, that brings an unfair advantage over your peers other than by skill. This can include, but is not solely limited to the following:
    1. Anti recoil
    2. Aim assist/Aim bot
    3. Wall hacking, including texture changing of maps
    4. Texture changing of player models to bright skins.
    5. Illegal scripts and binds - Such as bunny hop, auto fire, fast turn and burst fire scripts.
    For further information on any of these, please contact an admin, who will get the official viewpoint on anything that is considered as cheating.

    Punishments you may face
    1. Private warnings
    2. Kicks
    3. Competitive or connection bans ranging from 30 minutes, 1 day and 1 week to 3 months at the administrators' discretion. Bans automatically performed by our servers are longer.

    Ban information

    Help, I have been banned:

    If a ban has taken place, and you feel that it is wrong and would like to make an appeal; Copy the below form and input the required information and send it as a PM to any of the CS:GO Senior Admins listed here. If you post about kicks/bans on the forum, you will receive an 48 hour ban and/or have forum privileges removed for a period of time.

    I wish to make an appeal against my ban for ?????
    Any other comments you would like to add:
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
This thread is more than 60 days old.