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Ideas for the AUC servers

Discussion in 'Features' started by Kytex, Aug 20, 2016.

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  1. Kytex

    Kytex AUC Friend Financial Supporter

    Sep 6, 2015
    General Things:

    Player Models - I think player models should be in !store for many points, Depending on what skin id say the prices should start from 1000 for skins and go upwards.

    Noclip - I think noclip should be added to the server. A reason for this is that if someone had asked me for help on a map that i have done and a map that i am experienced with, (not just me) players should be able to Noclip to whereever the person in need is stuck. Obv your time will stop so you cannot cheat maps etc.

    Donor commands & privileges:

    (personal ideas)
    The !store should be a %cheaper for donors or there should be a donor section available for donors with additional options and items to purchase in the store. For example; Chat name colours, special skins or more skins in general.

    One more thing to end this. Please fix bhop_fps_max on hard bhop. It was my first time on the map so it took me a long time, and with that after 40 minutes i had finished the map, but i had dodged the finish completely and went to the end teleport instead. Please either make the finish bigger or place it in the end teleport place :) thanks.
    Something i did when i was mad after not doing the map after all that time. http://prnt.sc/c7ydsf
    (sorry for the language used in the screenshot)

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  2. Carlos1814

    Carlos1814 AUC Active Tribute Financial Supporter

    Feb 9, 2016
    I have used noclip before when playing with my friend on BHOP: Hard and it worked fine (obviously my timer was off).

    About the suggestion for donators to get %cheaper items, well, I think it's enough what we get right now.. if you donate you get points ingame which works. No point changing the whole system just to get greedy ;)

    And about the last thing, bhop_fps_max.. yes I think your idea is good because I know I have done the same thing and it's very frustrating. It does take alot of time to complete the map and then you don't even get to the finish field. My friend who was !top for a few weeks when we played actively, even he couldn't finish that map.
Thread Status:
This thread is more than 60 days old.