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SURF EASY Map missing from fastdl

Discussion in 'Issue Reports' started by El Pidgeon, Jan 20, 2020.

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  1. El Pidgeon

    El Pidgeon AUC Friend Financial Supporter

    Jan 19, 2020

    The map surf_annoyance_njv is missing from your fastdl server, causing clients that doesnt already have the map to disconnect with the "missing map" error.

    Console log:
    Error reading file materials/panorama/images/map_icons/screenshots/1080p/surf_annoyance_njv.png.
    Downloading https://content.altunderctrl.com/csgo/maps/surf_annoyance_njv.bsp.bz2.
    Error downloading https://content.altunderctrl.com/csgo/maps/surf_annoyance_njv.bsp.bz2
    Downloading https://content.altunderctrl.com/csgo/maps/surf_annoyance_njv.bsp.
    Error downloading https://content.altunderctrl.com/csgo/maps/surf_annoyance_njv.bsp
    Downloading https://content.altunderctrl.com/csgo/maps/surf_annoyance_njv.nav.bz2.
    Error downloading https://content.altunderctrl.com/csgo/maps/surf_annoyance_njv.nav.bz2
    Downloading https://content.altunderctrl.com/csgo/maps/surf_annoyance_njv.nav.
    Error downloading https://content.altunderctrl.com/csgo/maps/surf_annoyance_njv.nav
    No pure server whitelist. sv_pure = 0
    Missing map maps\surf_annoyance_njv.bsp, disconnecting
Thread Status:
This thread is more than 60 days old.